5 Cheapest Countries to Travel from India

These days you can’t say only kids love to travel and want to go somewhere as parents too want to go because they want some peace and relief in their life so traveling is important for everybody. Man’s have a lot of work schedule related to their office and it is hard for them to spend their quality of time with family members even some woman who works in offices need some peace and relaxation and for that, they want to go some beautiful places to spend with their husband’s and kids. I know these days everyone knows every place in India so some of you set their mind to travel outside India. Here the problem occurs as they just cancel the plan because going out of India can be expensive for them and going with the family can also be expensive. Are you traveling lovers and want a solution for that? Here in this blog, I will mention some cheapest countries to travel from India so readout this blog-

Cheapest Countries to Travel from India in 2023


I know most of you heard about this but the fact is when you travel here it may not be too much expensive for you so go for it folks. It is called out to be the beautiful country of snow peaks and stream. Also, you gonna see the yaks and yetis. Everyone needs a break so this place provides a peaceful atmosphere for everybody and you all will love it. If you want to travel to the countries which should be in your budget then add Nepal first. Here the places you can see- Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Pashupatinath, Lumbini, Devi fall and many more.


Most of you like to do photography and looking for such beautiful countries where you can watch out the natural beauty then my suggestion is to go with your family Vietnam. One of the country where many travelers love to spend their time and can do many activities- Boat cruises, Sightseeing, Nha Trang and many more.


Add Bhutan too as one of the country where you can save much money and this is one of the beautiful places that is worth to go with your family members. Every Indian can visit here without a Passport. The places here you will like to see is Thimpu, Dochula Pass, Haa Valley, Punakha Dzong and many more.  The cost of the meal is also not too high as it will be around Rs 100 to 400 of one person.

Sri Lanka

Are you looking for the neighboring countries of India? Sri Lanka is one of the countries that may not take too much money form you when you travel here with your family so in-short a budget-friendly option folk. The place is always remembered for the Ramayana collection as here you gonna watch out the places like Kandy, Galle, Matara, Kataragama, Yapahuwa Kuranegla and more beautiful one.


I think most of you have visited here but still, I want those users to go here if you have not travel Thailand because the place is less expensive and the cheapest one when traveling with family members. The place is a mix of ultra-model cityscape and rich cultural heritage. You all people love to see with your family like Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Phangan. These are the places for you to travel and yes the country is cheapest for you from India.

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