Can I delete Facebook notifications easily?

If I start asking from you that what are the top best social media applications where you operate your account then you can speak out many. There are many social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram or Snapchat that we people operate daily in our smartphones but do you know the first social media which is popular before these above? Yes, here we are talking about the first social media and that is Facebook. Facebook is something where you find millions of user and even parents of every teenager operate only Facebook because they find hard to use Snapchat or Instagram. You are allowed to do a video call, voice call, you can change your picture and can upload it, share videos and many more things. Do you want to know how to delete the Facebook Notification? Have a look

  • Open Facebook and log-in your Facebook account
  • On the upper right-hand corner, you will find the Notification icon then click on that
  • You have to find the notification that you don’t want to see
  • Next process is to click on three horizontal dots and with that the notification you want to delete
  • Finally, select the Remove this Notification

Do you want to turn off the Notification too?

Many of the users feel frustrated when they find too many notifications so they change their mind and decide to turn off the notification is the best idea. Do you know how to turn off the Notification?

  • Search Facebook and log-in your account
  • Select the notification which you will find out on the upper right-hand corner
  • Now search the Notification that you want to hide
  • Next is to click on the three dots
  • Finally you have to select on Turn Off Notification of This Type.

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