Want to know countries you can travel from India without Visa

Countries to travel without visa from India – Do you know how important is traveling for you? You need to spend some time with your family because it is important to give some quality of time to your family who just waits for you when you return back from office because they need you. Traveling these days is important not only for the teenagers who love it but also every parent because they feel bored from the same schedule so they look for some peace. But in today’s time, there is hard to find a peaceful moment because a lot of population but still people need to go and never cancel their plan when it made.

I will suggest you to go with your other relatives because it keeps your budget good and you never find your trip a boring one. Traveling never be boring one when you go with your family or with your relatives so at least go once in two-three months and enjoy your beautiful life. I know most of you raise a question like it is difficult to travel because if you go outside India then you need Visa and it will take a lot of time. Today I will suggest some good places where you can travel with your family outside India and No Visa is required there.

Countries to travel without visa from India

As of 2023, Indian citizens can travel to several countries without a visa or with visa on arrival. Some of these countries include Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Indonesia, Cambodia, Fiji, Mauritius and Hong Kong. However, please note that visa requirements and restrictions can change frequently, so it’s best to check with the embassy of the country you plan to visit before you travel.


Hong Kong

You need to some beautiful countries so my suggestion is to add in your list first Hong Kong. It is a rich town of China located south of the country’s mainland and yes east of Pearl River Estuary. Most of you want to eat delicious food and some of you teenagers are shopping lovers so Hong Kong is the best place for you folks. In Hong Kong, you don’t need Visa if you travel from India and the places you can see Hong Kong Disneyland, Temple street night market, Avenue of Stars and many more.


Want to see the natural beauty and some beaches with your family? If you are traveling from India then you don’t need Visa for Mauritius and you can spend some time while watching beaches, lagoons and natural beauty. It is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Stunning places here you gonna see like Grand Bay, Pereybere, Black River Gorges and many more so you can plan here for 60 days without Visa if you are traveling from India.


Now a place for the Indian romantic couples who are looking for a beautiful destination outside India and that is the Maldives.  Visit here and you can spend your time and no need for Visa for 30 days. It is quite shocking but the fact is there are around 1200 beaches in the Maldives. You can watch out National Museum, Alimatha Island, Hukuru Miskiiy and many more so go for it.


You want to know a place for travellers who want to explore new things? Go Macau and you don’t need Visa when you travel from India and you can stay till 30 days. The place Macau falls under the region of China as here you see a high standard of people so compares Macau with Las Vegas.

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