Want to know how to share a Facebook post on WhatsApp?

I guess if I ask from you all a list of social media applications then you can reveal many but it is hard to speak out the successful social media applications because that are not so many. But those apps which are successful, people always operate only those social media application and rest of the apps goes to vain. You started your school life with which social media application? I know you know that Facebook is the only application that was launched before Instagram and Snapchat as the app called Facebook is a better option if you want to chat, want to do a video call, voice call or want to share something with others.

Day by day the use of social media application increases but there is a fall in Facebook because many such apps have taken its place because they are considered to be a perfect one if we compare it with Facebook. You can WhatsApp is the one where teenagers spend most of their time because what Facebook can do for you, WhatsApp too has the power. Today I have written this blog just want to ask you that you always share some blog or anything in the Facebook wall but do you know or have any idea that how to share post back on WhatsApp. Is it possible to share a Facebook application post on WhatsApp? It is possible so if you want to know how to do this then read the below content-

Steps to guide you for sharing a Facebook post on WhatsApp app

  • Okay so if you are interested to know then the first step is log-in to your Facebook account. You have to write something on your wall so that your Facebook friend can read it and even you can share any photograph on Facebook wall.
  • You saw your post get shared on Facebook now what you have to do is go to Share option
  • You have to select “Send in WhatsApp” when Share drop down menu open. Now the choice is yours to whom you want to send in your WhatsApp contact list. There were many so choose according to your choice.
  • So the last step is you see Chatbox open then just click on the Send button and the process is done.

 Many of you want to share Facebook post directly to WhatsApp users so the steps which we mentioned above you have to follow for this. The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg also said that such kind of feature that are ready to share with other social media account like Instagram soon.

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